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Myositis Research Study: You Can Make a Difference and Earn $50
Dear Myositis Canada member,
We are contacting you about an opportunity to help advance myositis research. Sanguine, a provider of at-home clinical research services, is conducting a study of anti-Jo-1positive patients. For the patients willing to participate, there will be a one-time blood donation required and in return there will be compensation of $50 for your time.
You may qualify to participate if you:
• Are 18 years of age or older
• Have been diagnosed with myositis
• Have history of a positive anti-Jo-1 antibody titer
• Will be in or around the Vancouver area and available for a one-time blood donation in the next 3-6 months
Participation in this study is voluntary and requires a small sample of blood. To participate, a medical professional will come to your home and perform a one-time blood draw. See if you qualify to participate in this research study today. Sign up for more information here or call 818-975-3327

About the Program
aTyr pharma, INC (LIFE) is currently developing clinical candidates based on the target of Jo-1 antibodies – a protein called histidyl tRNA synthetase (HARS). The leading candidate Resolaris™ is currently under active clinical development for several muscular dystrophies including – FSHD and LMGD type 2b, which were selected, in part, because they have an inflammatory muscle component that resembles some of the same clinical aspects seen in inflammatory myopathies such as polymyositis, dermatomyositis.
The company believes that Jo-1 antibodies may directly contribute to the inflammatory process in PM and DM, and ultimately ILD by modulating the immune system. This study is intended to collect blood samples from volunteers who have a positive diagnosis of Jo-1 antibody positivity. The objective of these studies is to isolate, clone and characterize the Jo-1 antibodies, and to try to correlate this information to disease severity. We hope that this may help to validate the concept that Jo-1 antibodies directly mediate inflammation – potentially leading to development of new therapeutic concepts to treat a broad range of diseases, including PM, DM and ILD subjects with Jo-1 positivity.

About Sanguine
Sanguine is a leading provider of at-home clinical research services empowering patients to participate in research studies from the comfort of their homes using smart technology and a mobile health staff. For more information, visit

Landing Page
The landing page (below) will be utilized in the email and website ad above to direct potential participants to fill out their basic info to be contacted and screened/consented by our Research Coordinator.


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