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Collaborative agreement with B-Temia and
Privilege access to the Keeogo Powered Walking Assistance Device


Myositis Canada and B-Temia have agreed to offer Myositis Canada members privileged access to the Keeogo ™ powered walking assistance device, and to raise awareness through co-promotion activities of both Myositis and the Dermoskeleton ™ technology developed by B-Temia.


Who is B-Temia?


Founded in 2010, B-TEMIA Inc. is a Quebec City-based company that develops and manufactures biorobotic technologies for the growing human augmentation market. Its patented Dermosquelette ™ technology offers users increased mobility, strength and autonomy, with applications in the medical, industrial and military fields.


What is the Keeogo™ Dermoskeleton™?


KeeogoTM is a powered walking assistance device developed by B-TEMIA. Powered by a battery, it is worn attached to the lower body, and moves at the knee level. This orthosis, controlled by a software and artificial intelligence, provides complementary force to the knee joints when the user moves his legs to walk, run, sit down or stand up, kneels down, or climb or descend stairs.


The device is as a daily walking device or for rehabilitation by individuals affected by chronic and degenerative medical conditions such as knee/hip osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI) and other conditions that limit mobility, such as Myositis.


How can the Keeogo™ Dermoskeleton help people affected by Myositis?


The Keeogo™ device can be worn to compensate loss of muscular strength associated with Myositis.  It was demonstrated through numerous field trials, clinical trials and biomechanical and physiological assessments that Keeogo™ can enhance the ability to walk, increase balance and stability, reduce compensatory movements, reduce pain, and improve kinetics and kinematics.


Therefore, Keeogo™ can help people affected by Myositis stay active longer, improve accessibility and independence, and delay the use of a wheelchair. Martin Jarry, affected by inclusions body myositis, trained and ran a 10Km with the Dermosquelette ™ at the Tamarack Race Weekend in Ottawa in May 2017. See the final of the race here 


The actual benefits may vary from person to person. This is why B-Temia offers a clinical evaluation and a three-week trial at home before deciding to purchase the device for the longer term.


How can I acquire the Keeogo™ device?


KeeogoTM is commercially available in Canada only for purchase or rental.


To qualify for the privilege access provided under the agreement of Myositis Canada and B-Temia, you must first contact Myositis Canada who will refer your name to B-Temia. Subsequently, a B-Temia customer service representative will contact you.

  • You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire on your functional capacities.

  • Following that, there will be a clinical evaluation to assess if the device can be suitable for you.

  • Finally, you will be offered a three-week trial, under the supervision of a clinician, to familiarize yourself with the benefits of Keeogo™ in your daily life.

  • You can then decide to purchase or rent the Keeogo™.

For more information, visit the website

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